At 91, Bobby Bragan continues to amaze

By JIM REEVES, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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There was something a little miraculous, a little magical, a little out of the ordinary on a chilled November evening in Fort Worth on Tuesday. People were talking baseball.

Blame/credit the guy we call Mr. Baseball around here: the amazing Bobby Bragan.

On a night when you couldn’t turn around without bumping into somebody who is somebody in baseball, such as Bobby Valentine, or Eddie Robinson, or Dr. Bobby Brown, in the midst of All-Stars such as Michael Young and Ian Kinsler, on an evening on which Mr. Ranger, Tom Grieve, was deservedly the chief honoree, the man who continues to stand above it all, like a revered orchestra leader, is baseball’s No. 1 goodwill ambassador in Fort Worth, Robert Randall Bragan.

And what sweet music to the ears.

He just turned 91 three weeks ago, and most of us can only dream about having half his energy and drive.

Bragan receives VOA award

Bobby Bragan (photo by Drew Knarr)Bobby Bragan was honored Thursday, Nov. 13 by the Volunteers of America Texas as he received the 2008 Hero Award at a luncheon at the Colonial Country Club.

Co-chairman for the event were Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, both of whom spoke at the event.

Volunteers of America is one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive human service organizations. Serving more than 2 million people each year, we are committed to serving people in need, strenghthening families and building communities. (Photos by Drew Knarr)

Bragan featured in Southlake Times

Christina Rowland/ Staff Writer

A baseball weighs five ounces. The circumference of a baseball is nine inches. There are 108 double stitches on a baseball. All useless facts to the average person, but to Bobby Bragan baseball was a way of life for 70 years.

Bragan, now 90, has been involved in baseball since1937 when he played for a minor league team in Panama City. In 1940, Bragan make it to the major-leagues as a shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies’s. In 1943, he was traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers. While with the Dodgers, he was able to play in the 1947 World Series.

“I had a two-base hit in the 1947 World Series. It was the Brooklyn Dodgers vs. The New York Yankees,” Bragan said. “I hit a double in the sixth inning and we won game six.”

Happy Birthday Bobby
Bobby Bragan, chairman of the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation, celebrates his 91st birthday on Thursday, Oct. 30. Happy Birthday Bobby!

Pictured left, Bobby celebrates his birthday with former Cats Mike Napoli (center) and Carroll Beringer (right).
Dittrich at NE Tarrant Chamber Luncheon

Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation Board president John Dittrich pinch hit for Bobby Bragan as the guest speaker at the Northeast Tarrant Chamber Luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 18.

Chamber staff members wore Cats' uniforms and caps during the luncheon.

Bragan was unable to attend the luncheon because he was attending the funeral of his brother Walter in Birmingham, Ala. 

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